gps tracker


This device is capable of collecting and transmitting coordinates and other useful data through the GSM network to the server. This device is perfectly suitable for cars, van, and trucks. Equipped with 150mAh backup battery, ACC detection, power cut alarm, and multiple alarms. It will enhance vehicle security and improve stolen vehicle recovery

What is inside the Saka SP02 Package RM675?


  • Device set: 
    1SP02 GPS tracker
    2Extension cable
    33M Double tape
  • FREE 6 months subscription for software and mobile app GPS tracking system
  • FREE SIM card for 6 months mobile data
  • FREE configuration & installation setting into your car/ lorry/ truck
  • FREE 6 months after-sales support
  • Warranty 12 months
stopanik gps tracker

How much should I pay after FREE 6 months subscription?

  • 6 Months Subscriptions: RM 250
  • 12 Months Subscriptions: RM 400

*Include SIM card mobile data

*Exclude SIM card mobile credit

gps tracker
gps tracker
gps tracker
gps tracker
gps tracker

Everything you need all at fingertips


track you asset anytime & anywhere 


Get notified if asset leaves or enters the geo zone you have set


Get notification by email | SMS | push app for all features 

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Your assets’ histories are secured in our server and can be recalled within 180 days


Report generated will show all activities of the tracking object

Multi-screen monitoring

Manage your tracking object from anywhere: desktop or even via your mobile phone, both are applicable at the same time 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of brand and type of vehicle can install SAKA SP02

SAKA SP02 can be installed on all types of car/ truck/ van/ lorry

How long it takes for installation?

It takes about 30 – 60 minutes, subject to depend on type and model vehicle

Where can I install Saka SP02?

Stopanik authourized installer ONLY AVAILABLE at:

1) Kuala Lumpur 

2) Selangor 

3) Johor – Johor Bahru

4) Penang


You can do installation setting at our office, or we come to your place (with charge). Please make an online payment, and we will book your appointment within 3-5 days upon free slot, if any.

Does it cut original cable during wiring installation and void warranty?

No. There is no cutting any wire at all. That’s means is not void your car/truck/lorry warranty.

Can i track my car/truck/lorry if parking at basement or elevated parking area.

You only will get the last location updated before entering any building as gps/ gprs signal might be blocked by building structure/ concrete/ steel etc.

Do i must further subscribe to use Web & App Stopanik GPS Tracking system?

Yes. You shall subscribe the subsequent 6 months or 12 months. Yau can pay online click here

What happens when my Saka SP02 Subscription expires?

For detail explanation, you may click here

Does it take a huge car/truck/lorry battery comsumption?

No. SAKA SP02 will optimize your car/truck/lorry battery consumption with the activation of special command Intelligent Power Management (IPM) & Idling.

Do i need to buy my own sim card & data?

Stopanik provides a sim card together with data in a package.

Can i track live my car/truck/lorry even im not in Malaysia?

Yes, you are able to track live as long as your subscription is still active.

What should i do if my car/truck/lorry suddenly been theft?

Issue a ticket to Stopanik Support Team via

You may sharing deploy your car/truck/lorry live location to activate the recovery process via Stopanik Community User Program. Click here for more detail.


How can I contact Stopanik Support Team if I facing technical issues or any other inquiries?

Issue a ticket with just login to your account via this link

Access account and password usually will be provided after purchase.


How can I get detail about tutorial how to use?

Issue a ticket with just login to your account via this link

Access account and password usually will be provided after purchase.

For tutorial videos, you may view them all on our youtube channel. Click here