RM450 – Motorcycle 200cc and below

RM550 – Motorcycle above 200cc

What is inside the PROMO COMBO package?

  • Device set: 
    1SP05 GPS tracker
    2Extension cable
    33M Double tape

  • FREE 6 months subscription for software and mobile app GPS tracking system
  • FREE SIM card for 6 months mobile data
  • FREE configuration & installation setting into your motorcycle
  • FREE 6 months after-sales support
  • FREE Stopanik Community User Program (SCUP) membership
  • Warranty 12 months
gps tracker
stopanik gps tracker

How much should I pay after FREE 6 months subscription?

  • 6 Months Subscriptions: RM 250
  • 12 Months Subscriptions: RM 400

*Include SIM card mobile data

*Exclude SIM card mobile credit

  • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports location in real time through different interfaces
  • Built-in 150mAh battery High capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficient power supply
  • ACC detection for ignition status. Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need
  • Configurable tracking modes. Location uploaded following fixed distance, time interval, preset cornering
  • Multiple alarms Instant alert for over speed, power off, geo-fence
  • Easy Installation – Very easy to install and hide in the vehicle
  • Real-Time Tracking – 24/7 view exact location, travel speed, fuel consumption and other information
  • Light and compact – Small size allowing covert & easy mounting
  • Intelligent power management – Reduce inefficient power consumption when device stay idle.
  • Motorcycle battery protection – Never drain out of the battery of motorcycle for optimal protection
  • Notifications – Speeding alarm, Geo-fence alarm etc
  • History and reports – Detailed reports: riding hours, stopovers, distance travelled, fuel
  • Mobile – Access all features on your mobile or tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of motorcycle can install SAKA SP05?

SAKA SP05 can be installed on all types of motorcycle 

How long it takes for installation?

It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes

Where can I install Saka SP05?

Stopanik authourized installer ONLY AVAILABLE at:

1) Selangor & KL – Seri Kembangan

2) Melaka – Batu Berendam

3) Johor – Johor Bahru

4) Penang

5) Kelantan – Kota Bharu

Please make an online payment, and we will book your appointment within 3-5 days upon free slot, if any.

Does it cut original cable during wiring installation and void warranty?

No. There is no cutting any wire at all. That’s means is not void your motorcycle warranty.

Can i track my motorcycle if parking at basement or elevated parking area.

You only will get the last location updated before entering any building as gps/ gprs signal might be blocked by building structure/ concrete/ steel etc. 

Do i must further subscribe to use Web & App Stopanik GPS Tracking system?

Yes. You shall subscribe the subsequent 6 months or 12 months. Yau can pay online click here

What Happens When My Saka SP05 Subscription Expires?

For detail explanation, you may click here

Does it take a huge motorcycle battery comsumption?

No. SAKA SP05 will optimize your motorcycle battery consumption with activation of special command Intelligent Power Management (IPM) & Idling. 

Do i need to buy my own sim card & data?

Stopanik provides a sim card together with data in a package.

Can i track live my motorcycle even im not in Malaysia?

Yes, you are able to track live as long as your subscription is still active.

How can I contact Stopanik Support Team if I facing technical issues or any other inquiries?

Issue a ticket with just login to your account via this link https://support.stopanik.com

Access account and password usually will be provided after purchase.


How can I get detail about tutorial how to use?

Issue a ticket with just login to your account via this link https://support.stopanik.com

Access account and password usually will be provided after purchase.

For tutorial videos, you may view them all on our youtube channel. Click here


Value for money

Saka SP05 will save your money from the hidden costs after your motorcycle been theft

24/7 Protection

Never leave your motorcycle insecure. Get worry-free. 

After-Sales Support

Stopanik assist you whenever you have any inquiries about software, mobile app, and technical