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STOPANIK presents convenient and easy to use real-time construction fleet management, designed to keep a construction industry business as professional as possible.The features and capabilities that we offer run together with our GPS tracker devices for a vehicle, construction equipment, specific mobile app , and previously mentioned software.

In simple terms, our construction GPS tracker allows the companies’ managers to control and follow their construction workers as well as the expensive and essential equipment in real-time.

The Benefits

Our GPS Tracker Will Give You Softer Skin

Having the GPS trackers installed inside the equipment or workers’ clothes, managers can keep track of these things: see the vehicles’ exact location during the workday or see employee behaviour while driving a vehicle. Such as the stopovers, speed, routes made, the amount of fuel consumption, and many more.

“Installing a GPS tracker from Stopanik really helps us to monitor our workers. They no longer have an excuse, especially for the drivers”

Syarikat Ming Shiuh


Happy Clients

Bringing security and peace of mind is our mission.

“By using a portable GPS tracker from Stopanik, it is very helpful for us to control goods and vehicles coming in and out. This GPS tracker makes it easy for us because it is fitted with a magnetic feature that is strong enough, an alarm that can send an SMS when the tracker is removed and a battery that is sufficient to meet our needs”

Alex Stewart


“The Stopanik GPS tracker really helps us to allocate the nearest vehicles to deliver the goods.”

Tirai Semarak


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