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About Bicycle tracking

Secret Bicycle GPS Tracker

Bike thieves tend to be crafty and determined individuals, and can still steal your bike even if you lock it up. They have several ways of cutting, hammering, hacking, and interfering through your line of protection. Usually, the chances of you recover the bike are fewer, and you may not see it again unless the police recover it.

Since you don’t want to lose your bike over thefts; you would like to protect your bike from every possible situation. The Secret Bicycle GPS tracker from STOPANIK gives you a strong line of protection for your bike. It is still recommended to lock your bike along with installing the secret device on your bike. With such an amazing device, you get a means to recover it in hours in case if a theft happens. As the name suggests, the secret device is mounted on the bike where it is unexposed and unassuming.


Luxury Bicycle Theft.

In 2019 there is a gang of luxury bike thieves. They are targeting luxury bikes, the stolen bikes are worth up to RM20,000 for one bicycle. The total estimated loss was RM50,000. A stolen bike not only takes thousands of ringgits out of your pocket, but it can also lead to frustrating circumstances. GPS Tracker allows you to protect against theft by sending vibration alert and also track your bike.

The Benefits

Improved Safety of Your Bike.

Having a secret GPS tracking system on your bike keeps you updated about its precise location and certainly increases recovery chances. Moreover, installing the device secretly makes it unassuming enough that thieves will not think to check for it. Since they are difficult enough to remove so thieves will not be able to break it off. In addition, its remote activation feature is a smart addition and comes in handy to keep the device activated even if it’s forcibly stolen or you lost its keyring. Each secret bicycle GPS tracker comes with a tracking device, a recharge battery, and SIM card.

Stopanik Help Protect Your Bike

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