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About Alzhemier tracker

Monitoring Can Be Easier.

GPS trackers enable caregivers to keep an eye on their relatives while they are away, thereby ensuring their protection. Specially built for seniors, GPS trackers highlight safety-enhancing features, including panic buttons and down alerts. Our GPS tracker will provide peace of mind if they wander or get lost, you will find your loved ones and save their lives.

alzheimer gps tracker,dementia gps tracker,elderly gps tracker
alzheimer gps tracker,dementia gps tracker,elderly gps tracker

The Benefits

SOS Button.

With the SOS button, calling the caregiver in case of an emergency would be easier for patients.

Man-Down Alert.

This feature can assist the caregiver to identify if the patient has fallen which can provide immediate assistance.

Mobile App.

It can make monitoring the location of your loved ones easier for caregivers with features such as live tracking, alert notifications, live tracking sharing, and many more.

Live Tracking Sharing.

With the live tracking sharing feature, if the patient vanishes, it will make it easier for you to share the position with your family members. With this feature, without having to install the app, your family members can see the position of patients who have vanished.

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