Stopanik have provide extra advantages from features that you needs.

Stopanik GPS Tracking System Features


Start using real time tracking and follow the most important objects, such as vehicles, smartphone or employees professionally. Get all important notifications and SOS reports , such as exact location, fuel consumptions that your personal or your fleet management vehicles had used, speed, travel history, stopovers and many more. Choose one of the map, including: Satellite, Google or OSM in order to use our GPS tracking system.


SMS Gateway – the latest technology updated feature that allows getting all important notifications to a smartphone simply by SMS.


Using this easy and convenient GPS Tracking system, you can receive instant reports about your tracking object’s exact location, fleet vehicle’s speed, fuel consumptions and all other notifications that are important while tracking.


All important reports and history of your tracking fleet vehicles, people, employees or smartphone can now be downloaded in many different formats, including: PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT.


Get the essential reports, such as: the exact location of your following object, the distance travelled, vehicle stopovers, fuel consumptions and driving hours in one place. All detailed information can be saved to your laptop, smartphone or any other device. Providing useful and effective features, STOPANIK also supplies group reports solutions that can be downloaded in a history format.


STOPANIK has a significant influence to fleet management or personal needs, since it can help to lower fuel consumption, monitor vehicle status and many more. Use GPS Tracking and check fuel level every time you need it.


STOPANIK offers fuel savings, driving hours and speeding notifications, also reports about driver’s behavior can also makes a difference about the amount of fuels that has been used during a travel. STOPANIK also gives the opportunity to use a fuel saving features, that can work well against driver’s fraud in a fleet management.


Geofencing – ability to get all important notifications about the specific geographic boundaries that you or your company is interested in. Get real time alerts if your fleet vehicles, personnel or phones connected to the company fleet suddenly leaves or enters the geo zone you have marked.


Start using STOPANIK software that works together with GPS (Global positioning system) and get all geofencing reports to a smartphone, computer or tablet that have the internet connection. Geofencing for personal use, is also available.

POI & Tools

GPS Tracking solutions can now have a significant influence to flee t management or personal needs, since it can help to lower a fuel consumption, monitor vehicle status and etc .


Use GPS Tracking and check a fuel level every time you need it. Fuel savings, driving hours, speeding notifications and also reports about your or driver behavior can also make a difference about the amount of f uels that has been used during a travel.


Not to forget, the opportunity to use a fuel saving feature, can work we ll against driver fraud in a fleet management.


Tracking a person, fleet vehicles, mobile phone or any other important object has never been so easy STOPANIK!. Now, you can get the most relevant notifications about the vehicle condition, behavior of the driver or precise location on the map in real time.


Manage your business with effective and useful features. Know the tracking object’s exact location, get notifications when they enter or leave geofencing zone. Get instant SOS alerts in the cases if a company car or your tracking phone has been stolen and of course, know the stopovers, speeding, fuel consumptions and the distance that has beentravelled by fleet management or fraud case.


Fast notifications to your smartphone, computer or tablet that works with iOS and Android operating system online and keep your personal or your company vehicles and employees safe.


Start tracking a person, your vehicle fleets, personal smartphone or a company phones you want to keep safe by downloading one of our professional and full of great features with our FREE GPS TRACKING SYSTEM ON APPS


Transform a mobile phone into GPS Tracker if your phone operates according to iOS or Android operating systems. Receive all important notifications and reports by SMS, or download a full history of your tracking object at the end of the day.


Want to improve your fleet management business or protect your own devices from being stolen or lost? Download FREE MOBILE GPS TRACKER FOR SMARTPHONE & TABLET and enjoy our software that has lot to offer.


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